Simple tips for a clutter-free and happy home
Simple tips for a clutter-free and happy home

Simple tips for a clutter-free and happy home

There’s something about a cluttered space that makes it difficult to enjoy things you usually love. Everything is better when the home is clutter-free and nice looking. Here are some easy tips that will keep your home clutter-free and happier.

The biggest mistake

The biggest mistake that homeowners make when trying to declutter their homes is that they try to organize the clutter before decluttering. It ends up being a lot of wasted effort. Homeowners can waste hours trying to organize and may even waste some money on bins and baskets to make room for it all. A better way is to declutter first. Before worrying about organization, just go through everything you own and decide what to throw out. Once you’ve gotten rid of a good percentage of your things, then you’ll have a much easier time trying to organize what’s left.

The best place to start

One of the things that stops homeowners from tackling the mess is that just the thought is overwhelming and they don’t even know where to start. You have to start out somewhere and the entryway is a good start since that’s the first thing that people see when they come into the home. It’s also the place where everyone in the household drops their stuff right when they come in. Set up specific places to put mail, backpacks, shoes, homework, and keys. When there’s an assigned place for all the biggest culprits clutter will be less of a problem.

Improving the entryway

In addition to decluttering the entryway, you can also make it more welcoming. Repaint the front door. Fin d anew rug or seasonal doormat. Add some creative storage organizers like crates, rows of hooks, and closed freestanding cabinets. If you don’t already have a lamp in the entryway, put one there to add some ambiance.

Staying on top of the clutter

The problem with clutter is that it seems to multiply all on its own. It might seem like you have to start again as soon as you’ve finished. There will always be clutter but the best way to stay on top of it is to get in the habit of putting away items you’ve used as soon as you’re finished with them. It’s simple advice that you’ve been told since you were a kid but there’s wisdom to it. It only takes one day of not cleaning up after yourself to fall way behind.

Adding storage space

Finding a place for everything can be a real challenge especially if your home is on the small side. It may mean that you need to get creative with storage space. As much as possible, try to keep things hidden from view. Even if things have an assigned place, it too many things are out in the open in still appears cluttered. Invest in some lidded bins. Ottomans that double as storage are great as well.

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