Six interior decorating tips to help you decorate like a pro
Six interior decorating tips to help you decorate like a pro

Six interior decorating tips to help you decorate like a pro


Interior decorating might seem easy if you watch a lot of interior decorating on TV, but there’s actually a lot that goes into the designs that professional interior decorators pull off. Since the average homeowner isn’t going to want to invest money to hire a professional decorator, here are a few simple tips that can make it seem like you did.

Start with a neutral base

You’ve heard the saying that fashion favors the bold and there is some truth to that, but many amateur decorators make the mistake of being too bold when it comes to their base color scheme. Bright vivid colors are find when used sparingly as an accent. But wild colors are difficult to match with so if you start with unusual colors, you’re going to have a difficult time finding pieces that look good in that space. When selecting a paint color for the walls, go with something off-white. Everything goes with that color and it will open up the space making it appear larger. You also won’t have to repaint when it comes time to sell since off-white is a universally appealing choice that won’t offend any prospective buyers.

Don’t overdo it

Another cliché phrase that you would do well to remember is "less is more." You don’t need to fill every space in every room for it to be decorated. In fact, you what some empty space since it provides contrast that makes the occupied space look even better. It’s also relaxing on the eyes to have places in your home that don’t have as much going on visually. This applies to accessories as well as larger furnishings. Don’t put 14 decorative pillows on your sofas, it will just be a pain whenever you want to sit down.

Plants that are easy to care for

When most people envision decorating with plant life, they think of bouquets of fresh flowers and lots of color. The problem with this kind of plant life is that it’s expensive and difficult to take care of. Unless you have a lot of time to commit to keeping flowering plants alive, you’re going to lose a lot of them and spend a lot of money replacing them. Instead, get some nice green indoor plants that are a little more durable. Place them near open windows and water them occasionally and they’ll thrive and beautify your home.

Focus pieces

Every room should have a focus piece that draws the eyes to it. Instead of decorating a room with lots of little knick-knacks and accessories, consider a large piece of artwork of some kind-a mural or large ceramic vase perhaps-and a few other little accessories as a finishing touch. A large painting or photograph may be a better solution to a large wall than having a gallery wall which requires a lot more work.

Avoid themed rooms

The problem with themed rooms is that they end up looking cliché plus you find yourself passing over pieces you love in favor of pieces that fit a predetermined theme.

Don’t be in a hurry to get rid of the baseboard radiators

Many people are opting for central heating over baseboard radiators since they can look a little old fashion and they’re a more expensive way to heat the entire home. However, they’re good to have even if you already have central heating because they can be used to heat individual rooms as needed. If you’re not crazy about their appearance, you can get some baseboard radiator covers to make them look more modern.


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