Storage solutions for every room in the house

Storage solutions for every room in the house

Everyone has that one friend or family member whose house is always tidy. What’s their secret? Do they have superpowers? It’s possible, but more likely, they’ve just discovered storage solutions that work. Adequate storage is the real secret for a tidy home. So here are some storage solutions for each room in the house.

The bathroom

Bathrooms tend to be small so it can feel like there’s never enough space there. Create more space by installing an over-the-toilet storage rack. An over-the-door hanging rack for towels and a magazine rack for bathroom reading are also good ideas.

The kitchen

A kitchen, no matter how big never has enough storage space but you can create a little more space by installing double cabinet shelves to double the surface area in each cupboard without physically adding any space.

The pantry

Use a stackable can rack or other food storage organizer to make things easier on your pantry. You may not be able to add space but by being creative about how you store things, you can fit a lot more into the space.

The laundry room

Install a wall-mounted storage unit that can hold your ironing board, mops, and brooms. Here they’ll be easily accessible while still out of the way. It might also free up some space in a utility closet elsewhere in your home.

The entryway

The entryway is the biggest clutter culprit because it’s where everyone drops their things when they come in. Get a shoe bench to store all those pairs of shoes and it’s a place for people to sit to put on shoes as well. Hang some coat hooks on the wall if you don’t have a coat closet by the entryway.

The master bedroom

There’s plenty of unused space under the bed so why not make use of it? You can spend some money on a bed with built-in storage where you can store spare sheets or other bedding. If you don’t want to replace your bed, you can get some long, but not too tall plastic bins to slide under the bed.

The master closet

Invest in some closet organizers and additional rods and shelves to make more room in your master closet. Don’t feel like you’re stuck with the closet your home came with. Who knows, it might save your marriage.

The kids’ rooms

Go with a multi-bin toy organizer rather than a chest that your children will have to dig through to find what they’re looking for. Installing some floating shelves is a great way to add space by storing some of their toys and books on the walls.

The living room

The living room is where all the belongings that people forgot to put away end up. So have a bin for each family member where miscellaneous items can pile up until it’s full and the owner must put things in their proper place.

The home office

A home office, especially a shared one, can become cluttered quickly with hastily scrawled notes, unfiled papers, and pens that don’t even work (it’s amazing how they multiply). So organize important papers in a desktop file sorter and purchase some inexpensive desk drawer organizers.

Source: Daily Journal

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