Superhero bedroom decor ideas
Superhero bedroom decor ideas

Superhero bedroom decor ideas

Decorating for your child’s room is a difficult task, but it is much easier if you have already decided on a theme. One idea is to decorate with a superhero theme, which works for both boys and girls. It will give them the inspiration they need to be a hero every day. Here are some ideas for decorating a superhero bedroom.


One thing that screams superhero is a cityscape at night type scene. You could make a bookshelf with a cityscape silhouette background painted behind the books or you could even paint the whole wall with the scenery. You could start painting them right above your baseboard heater covers. Another idea is to just put up a large picture frame with the scenery in it.

Modge podge comics

Get some old comics, and use them to modge podge onto different things in the room. You can do it on something as big an extravagant as a whole dresser or just use it for small touches like a vase or your light switches. You can also frame pages out of the comic books and use them as wall art for the room.

Another suggestion is to get large wooden letters for their name and modge podge the comics onto them. Then, you can put their name on the wall but bring in the comics theme with it. This gives more of a classic superhero look to the space.


Another idea is to create super-hero themed pillows. One example of this is to use button-up shirts for the front of the pillow with superhero logos underneath them. You could also just have superhero logos on the pillows for the room without going through the effort of sewing the button-up shirts over them.

Personalized hero photoshoot

Every kid wants to be a superhero, so why not have a photoshoot? Pick out one or two of their favorite heroes, and dress them up for the shoot. Then, use the pictures to create art for the room. It will inspire them and will be something you can enjoy every time you go in there.

Don’t shy away from either gender

It can be tempting when decorating a room for superheros to forget that they come in all shapes and sizes. Teach your children anyone can be a hero by using both male and female characters throughout your decor instead of just focusing on the one or two main male characters that most people love.

Shelving for your action figures

Another good idea is to keep your child’s super hero action figures in the room as both a toy and decoration. Put up shelving they can easily access to hold all the heros, and it instantly becomes both functional and true to the theme of the room.

3D wall art

A popular theme for superhero rooms is to create a 3D effect with your wall art. Make it appear like Hulk’s hand has punched through the wall or Captain America’s shield is flying through the wall. It is a very creative way to bring in more superhero theme to your space.


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