Ten ways to decorate tall walls

Ten ways to decorate tall walls

What homeowner doesn’t like the idea of high, vaulted ceilings? They may seem like a dream come true but there are downsides as well. To support that ceiling height, you’ll have to have some tall walls and those can be particularly challenging to adorn. Bringing warmth to a room with tall, blank walls is quite difficult, but not impossible. Here are ten ways you can decorate tall walls.


    • Hang vertical artwork. Vertical artwork, even when it’s not particularly large, tends to work better with a tall vertical space than horizontal artwork so start looking for some nice vertical artwork you may want to display.
    • Scale up your artwork. You have to train yourself to think larger than you usually would when dealing with a taller wall. Artwork that might seem overly large in any other context might look just fine on a large, blank wall.
    • Use bold colors. Bold colors have a way of filling up a space more even when the art doesn’t take up more space physically. Vertical artwork that incorporates some bold color can really make a statement and make the wall seem like it’s more connected to the overall space.
    • Consider installations. Keep in mind that artwork doesn’t have to be limited to canvas and it doesn’t have to be contained with a frame. Wall sculptures or multiple-piece installations also constitute artwork and there are some great vertical designs you can experiment with.
    • Experiment with textiles. Swaths of fabric can also be used in creative ways to adorn a tall wall. It can be as simple as a single swath of fabric or as complex as collage made up from multiple pieces of varied fabric and patterns.
    • Use wood trim. The wall itself can become the art if you bring in some wood trim to create visual interest.
    • Try a stone accent wall. Another way to create visual interest is to use natural stone. Use ledgestone with varying depths and have a few outcroppings on which to place smaller pieces like framed photographs or ceramics.
    • Mix it up. You can combine several of the ideas above for a unique look. You might experiment with some vertical artwork against a wood trim or stone veneer.
    • Build a bookcase. Built-in bookcases combines aesthetics with functionality and is a great way to utilize the space of a tall wall. They can be floor-to-ceiling or you can limit the shelves to a smaller section of staggered shelving.
    • Create shelves. You can bisect the height of a wall, by installing a row or two of shelves at the top. This adds architectural interest and gives you plenty of space to display something.


Source: Forbes

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