Ten ways to fill a blank wall
Ten ways to fill a blank wall

Ten ways to fill a blank wall

Every house and apartment has one: a huge, intimidating, white wall. As long as it’s bare it makes your entire home look a little bit sparse. How do you fill such a large space in a way that looks natural and appealing? Here are ten ideas and they’re renter friendly in case you have to answer to a landlord.

DIY art

Artwork is expensive. Large pieces of art are really expensive. If you’re the artsy type, why not commission yourself to create a larger piece of art to hang on that wall. You’ll save a lot of money and you’ll finally have a good use for that space: to show off your talent.


Don’t want a painting there? Consider hanging a tapestry, quilt, or antique blanket that’s too lovely to keep folded up in a cupboard somewhere.

Gallery wall

Perhaps the look you’re going for is an art gallery. Choose a handful of art pieces (they don’t have to belong to the same artist just as long as you feel they belong together) and display them like you’d see in a gallery.


Maybe the answer you’re looking for is wallpaper. If you’re in an apartment, just make sure you use wallpaper that peels right off when it’s time to move out.

Shelve your art

If you don’t like the idea of hanging multiple art pieces, consider installing some floating shelves. This will you to display not only art but books and other little knick-knacks that express your personality.


A mural is perhaps the boldest option but it might work. If you’re renting just go with a temporary mural like an adhesive-backed one that you can peel off. Again, if you’re an artsy type you might even paint one yourself.

Washi tape

If you’ve never heard of it, washi tape is colorful, removable tape that can be used in all kinds of different ways. If you want some inspiration, check out Pinterest.

Accent wall

This is less of a wall decorating idea and more of a wall decorating tip. Keep in mind that not every wall has to have something on it. The largest wall in the room certainly needs some adornment but the rest can be bare if you want as it will make your large wall stand out even more (in a good way).

Think beyond art

Art isn’t the only thing that can fill up space on a large wall. Shelving (or a tall bookshelf if you’re a renter and you don’t want to put a millions holes in the wall) can take up a lot of real estate and can allow you to display all kinds of things.


A less expensive alternative to artwork is a mirror, or mirrors. You can hang one or two larger ones or an assortment of smaller ones. Mirrors reflect light and create a beautiful effect.

Source: Forbes

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