Timeless or trendy? The best way to do interior decorating

Timeless or trendy? The best way to do interior decorating

Interior decorating trends come and go rapidly. For the homeowner trying to keep the home looking nice and also trendy, it can seem impossible when things go out of style so quickly. Here are just a few examples.




  • White or gray walls. Just a few years ago, tans and beiges were all the rage for neutral paint colors. Now it’s whites and grays. It’s all about creating that light and airy atmosphere. The popular dark color is navy blue and you’ll usually only see it as an accent color to white or gray walls.
  • Formal living rooms. Not long ago, a formal living room was a must for a lot of home buyers. Now, more and more people are working from home and prefer the space be used for a home office rather than for formal dining. Another option is a multipurpose room.
  • Chrome finish. While it’s still popular in the bathroom, homeowners have gone away from using chrome finish throughout the rest of the house. Now warmer metals like gold and bronze are the preferred choice when it comes to light fixtures and accent pieces.
  • Granite countertops. Just a year or two ago, everyone who’s anyone had granite countertops in the kitchen. But now, a short time later, quartz and marble are the go-to choice for kitchen countertops.
  • There are others but you can see how quickly trends change on you. If you remodeled within the last few years to make your home appear more modern, you may be alarmed to learn that your home is already outdated again. What should you do? That depends on your plans.


    Will you move soon?

    You want your home to be modern and trendy when you place it on the market since that’s going to make it easier to sell. If you plan on moving in the next few years but want to do some remodeling now, it’s worth considering projects that may not be of a lot of interest to you since they’ll earn you a better return on your investment. If there’s little chance of moving in the near future, you can feel more confident in selecting home improvement projects that are right for your family without worrying too much about what’s currently trendy since the trends are sure to change again before you move.

    Select timeless styles

    While there is nothing wrong with striving for a home design that’s trendy. Don’t overdo it. If you go all out trying to keep up with all the trends, you’ll find that you’re redecorating and remodeling almost constantly and spending a fortune to stay caught up. Keep in mind timeless styles and interior decorating principles and your home can last many years without appearing outdated even if it isn’t 100% caught up with all the latest trends.

    Source: South Bend Tribune"

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