Top 10 Basement Entertainment Room Ideas

Top 10 Basement Entertainment Room Ideas

If you have a big room in your basement for entertainment, you probably want to make it as nice as possible. Besides a fresh coat of paint, baseboard heater covers, and some cool wall art, what are you supposed to put in the room.

Ideas to consider

Here are some ideas of what you may want to put in your entertainment room:

  • Entertainment Center & TV: A TV is a must in any entertainment room. It is your biggest connection to the entertainment world with access to football games, video gaming, TV shows, and more.
  • Video Game System: And on that note, you should have a video game system or two hooked up to your TV. It will give you many options of what you can do in that room instead of feeling like it is a one-purpose space.
  • Wet Bar Kitchen Area: A kitchen is a nice feature in any basement because it means you don’t have to go back upstairs to get your drinks and snacks. If you don’t want a full kitchen, a wet bar is enough to hold the snacks you want and give you an area to mix drinks and pop popcorn.
  • Pool Table: Who doesn’t love to play pool? And if you are looking to entertain a large group of people, it helps to have multiple entertainment items available for playing. You want to make sure you space the table size properly for the room.
  • Poker Table: Another great option is a poker table to give you a permanent place for playing poker. It will make your room about more than just watching TV.
  • Playroom for little kids: If you are sharing your room with the whole family, you will need to have a playroom area for your young children. Get a small shelf and stock it with some toys that don’t make a lot of noise. You will be happy to have quiet toys in the room, so you can still hear your shows.
  • Blankets and pillows: Cuddling up with some blankets and pillows while watching a show makes it more comfortable and a better experience. On top of that, basements are often colder than the rest of the house. Stock your entertainment area with some blankets and pillows to keep you comfortable and warm.
  • Slot machines: You can get an old slot machine and put it in your basement. It makes a really great decoration and adds another entertaining item to the room, so you and your guests can enjoy your evening together.
  • Arcade Games: If you have the space, putting in a few arcade games really makes a basement fun. You can get some old pinball machines and basketball games to enjoy in the space.
  • Comfortable seating: If you don’t have a nice place to sit, what is the point? Opt for comfortable over design in this case. Even if you bring guests to your entertainment room a lot, the point is to be comfortable and enjoy yourself, so aesthetics aren’t nearly as important.

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