Twelve interior decorating mistakes that 20-somethings make
Twelve interior decorating mistakes that 20-somethings make

Twelve interior decorating mistakes that 20-somethings make

First time home-owners make a lot of mistakes when it comes to interior decorating. Here are twelve of the most common mistakes according to interior designers.




  1. Art that’s too small for the space. Artwork needs to be able to hold its own. If you hang a tiny painting about a large sofa, it makes the room feel cramped. But place a larger painting, it may even seem too large, and it will make the room appear larger.


  3. Refusal to decorate like an adult. Too many 20-somethings want to hold onto their college memorabilia. But you don’t want your first home to look like a college dorm. So get rid of the futon and get a real bed. Throw out the band posters and get some real art.


  5. Bad lighting. If you’re still using that ten-dollar floor lamp you bought in college, it’s time to update your lighting. Use brighter, more energy efficient lighting throughout your home. Have lighting at different heights to create balance.


  7. Cheap throw pillows. Throw pillows are a go-to choice when you’re looking for items to fill a space. But don’t settle for the cheapest ones money can buy. They shouldn’t look flat and limp or like something you’d put in a dog bed.


  9. Unframed art. Unless you have an artistic reason for doing so, you shouldn’t hang up artwork or photographs without a frame. Using push pins or scotch tape to display posters or photographs in your home screams ""dorm room.""


  11. Too much, too fast. You shouldn’t be in a rush to fill your first home with a bunch of second rate furniture that you have to build yourself. It’s better to collect slowly over time and invest in furniture that’s going to last you for many years.


  13. Too much clutter. Sometimes the problem isn’t the design or the furniture or the artwork. If there’s too much clutter if the home looks unkempt, no amount of interior decorating will make it look nice.


  15. Purchasing before planning. When you go to decorate your first home, you’ll be excited and in a hurry to start buying furniture and home décor items. But it’s better to slow things down, map out how you want to use each space and then go out and make your purchases.


  17. Small-scale furniture. Most peoples’ first homes are a little on the small side. Consequently, many first time home owners think they can make their small home appear larger by purchasing small scale furniture. It doesn’t work. The home is still small and now the furniture is uncomfortable as well.


  19. Buying investment pieces too soon. Don’t spend $5,000 on a high end bedroom furniture set if you will be moving in the next few years. Hold off on buying investment pieces until you’re pretty settled.


  21. Trying too hard to be trendy. So many 20-somethings gravitate towards whatever’s in fashion. Right now that’s black pleather furniture, neon beer signs, and shag carpet. But it’s better to go with classic patterns that will still be around decades from now.


  23. No Rugs. When every room has bare floors, it makes the space look uninhabited and uninviting. Rugs could be quite expensive so many 20-somethings are scared off. But your first rug doesn’t have to be a hand-tufted Persian rug.


    Source: Vogue

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