Using your TV as your decor
Using your TV as your decor

Using your TV as your decor

Decorating is something we do to impact the mood of a room. You can make it feel traditional, modern, cozy, cold, and anything in between. But what are you supposed to do when you have a TV in the room? It may feel like a struggle to decorate around your TV. Some people go so far as to cover up their TV just like they used baseboard heater covers, but that isn’t realistic for everyone. Here are some ways you can use your TV as decor in your room instead.

Not the main focus

One thing you can do is include the television in your design, but don’t make it the main focus. With a smaller TV on a large wall, you have the ability to include a lot of different art and shelving in order to make the TV appear almost as a large picture in a collage as opposed to the biggest, most important thing in the room.

Black Camouflage

If you don’t want your TV to be a focus but don’t want to cover it up, one thing you could do is make it blend in with the wall and decorations on the wall. Make everything black, and the TV will blend right in. A black wall used to be taboo in the design world, but it has become more of an accent to decorating now and can really modernize the feel of the room.

Entertainment Center centerpiece

One thing many people like to do is get a floor-to-ceiling entertainment center to really focus in on the TV watching experience. The entertainment center itself acts as decor for the room and allows you to have plenty of places to hide away your DVDs, video game systems, and DVD players. It also is a great way to hide away toys if your room doubles as a toy room for children.

Centerpiece of the room

Another popular thing people do when designing their living room space is to use the TV as the centerpiece "art" for the room. The TV takes the center of the wall and the decor comes out from there. Shelving and art gives the room a very symmetrical feel and helps make the TV even more of a focus than it was previously.

Working with a fireplace

If you have a fireplace in the room you are trying to decorate, that can really impact where and how you decorate with your TV. It is very popular to put your TV directly above the fireplace to keep the main design features in the room together. Others want to separate the features to give a different feel to the room. Either case is fine, but remember to place your furniture in the room in a way that both features are easily viewed from seating. You and your guests will likely want the ability to easily look at both features. When decorating around your fireplace, make sure you check to make sure it is safe and there won’t be too much heat coming out near the area of your decor.

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