What to Do with Your Child's Old Bedroom When They Move Out

What to Do with Your Child's Old Bedroom When They Move Out

Congratulations! You’ve spend the last 18 to 29 years raising them, and now you’ve finally gotten them out of the house. What will you do with their room now?

You can start by covering up that old baseboard heater with a new baseboard heater cover with easy snap-on installment. Then you can think about the rooms you already have in your house and which from the following list you are still lacking and strongly desire.

Preserve Childhood Room

You could take the classic empty-nesters-longing-to-preserve-the-past option and do absolutely nothing. Then when your son or daughter comes home to visit, they will find their room in the exact same way that they left it. This can make the child feel more welcome to return, and the parents more connected to them while they are away.

Or, you can forget about that, let the past be preserved in other ways like photographs and precious memories, and do something that you’ve always wanted to with your now empty room.

Guest Room

An easy, and practical idea is to turn the room into a guest room. Then your child can still sleep there when they return from wherever they left to, but then you can use it for other guests as well, and they won’t be creeped out by your child’s strange teenage decorative ideas.  You can replace their juvenile High School Musical bedspreads, with more classic and universally accepted blankets, pillows, and sheets. You can even give the room a theme if you so desire.

Craft Room

Or you can turn the empty space into the craft room that you’ve always wanted. Whether your craft is sewing, painting, ceramics, sculpture, drawing, writing, scrapbooking, wood carving, bird house building, or whatever else you may or may not be good at, using your child’s old bedroom might be better than using the kitchen table like you used to when your kid was still at home. Now that they are out of the house, spoil yourself a little, and use his or her old space for creating your own masterpieces.

Game/Play Room

Another fun idea is to use the space for a game room, or play room for kids. You can get the pool table or air hockey table that you’ve always wanted. Maybe even a ping pong table. Or you can install a large flat-screen TV and an Xbox and use the space to throw back and relax.

Or if you have little kids still in the house, or grandkids that visit frequently, you can use the space to fill with toys for little ones to play with and keep them entertained.

Exercise Room

Or, now that you have a room to yourself where no one can judge you or see you sweat like a pig, you can use the room to hold you’re New Year’s Resolution exercise equipment. And if you don’t end up exercising in the room, you can use it to store the large equipment until you can send it back.


And lastly, if you have lot of work to get done at home, but have never had a decent quiet place to do it, you might consider turning the room into an office. Whatever you choose to do with their room, make sure your child knows that the decision wasn’t personal and that they are still loved, or whatever.

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